• Dangerous Garden Plants. How deadly does your garden grow?

    Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia) has been used as an anti-inflammatory drug and to treat skin ailments such as dermatitis, despite the warning on the Royal Horticultural Society’s website that 'all parts are highly toxic if ingested and sap may be an irritant' Dangerous Garden Plants. Most garden mishaps are caused by machinery – careless use of lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers and the like – and [...]

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    Grow edible flowers that look good on the plot – but taste even better on the plate

    FROM rose petals and pansies to marigolds, mums and nasturtiums, flowers bring a haze of scent and rich colour to our garden that's good enough to eat – and in many cases you can! Lets look at how to grow edible flowers, the Chinese were the first to see the potential of flowers in cookery and in Roman times pinks, violets and roses were used in sauces and salads. Of course, many flowers [...]

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